2016 AMCP Foundation Casino Night

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"Legendary" Thursday ended with high-rollers, party-goers, and a few jailbirds. Attendees came together for a night of casino-style games, music, and the opportunity to send a friend or colleague to "jail". For a donation to the Foundation, participants were able to put anyone in jail (or bail them out!). This was the highlight of the night: watching attendees escorted to "jail" by a pretend cop while "Bad Boys" theme song played.

Congratulations to the winners of our door prizes: 

Ilya Rybakov: San Francisco Gift Basket

Ian Dilley: Bose Ear Phones

Thank you to all participants that came out to support the Foundation!  

Proceeds will support the research and education programs.


Casino Night was made possible through the generous support of   Novo Nordisk Logo 

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