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The Utah Affiliate was formed to meet the local constituency needs of AMCP members living and working in Utah. It works to meet these needs through the promotion of the principles of managed care pharmacy, local grassroots advocacy of critical legislative and social issues, educational opportunities for its members, and networking opportunities.


President: Alan Pannier
President-Elect: Sushma Patel
Immediate Past President: Curtis Wander
Secretary/Treasurer: Russel Spjut
Program Committee Chair: Kelvin Yamashita

Member Dues

There are no additional charges to be a Utah AMCP member, however you must be a current AMCP member for affiliate membership.

Events & Activities

October 24, 2018 

4:45-5:45PM ET

Utah AMCP Affiliate Meeting
AMCP Nexus 2018 - Orlando World Center Marriott Room Crystal Q



For more information, please contact utahamcp@gmail.com.

Join Our List: Affiliate information is automatically sent to any AMCP member who resides in an affiliate state or region. If you are a current AMCP member who lives outside an area covered by an affiliate and want to be added to an affiliate roster, please click this link to subscribe to their list. 

Founding Members

Diana Brixner, Brieana Buckley-Cox, Doug Burgoyne, Eric Cannon, Jeff Dunn, Christy Heiner, Joanne LaFleur, Carrie McAdam Marx, Matt Mitchell, Jake Murdock, Sushma Patel, Barbara Roper and Ken Schaecher