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The AMCP Foundation maintains an important body of knowledge around health care trends and the forcing factors that place new demands on the practice of pharmacy. The analysis, modules, white papers and webinars available within our Emerging Health Care Trends collection add to the Foundation's rich history of benchmarking the landscape around managed care. Through our research mission, we advance the collective knowledge about how managed care pharmacy impacts patient outcomes.

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AMCP Foundation released Ahead of the Curve: Top 10 Emerging Health Care Trends: Implications for Patients, Providers, Payers and Pharmaceuticals in October 2014. This authoritative report outlines the most important trends expected to have a significant impact on managed care pharmacy, and pharmacy in general, through 2019 and beyond. 

At AMCP Nexus 2014, John Mackowiak, PhD and Thanh-Nghia Nguyen, MBP, MPH presented the results from this study. The analysis was compiled under the direction of the AMCP Foundation and supported by Pfizer, Inc.

Individuals can download the Executive Summary, as well as the full report: Top 10 Emerging Health Care Trends.

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Update Articles: Predictions vs. Realities 

A series of articles was launched in June 2017 to bridge the predictions from our Emerging Trends report to current health care realities. Each article outlines updates in several key areas related to one or more trend identified in 2014. Thematic takeaways for patients, physicians, industry, pharmacists and health plans are also presented in each piece.

August 2018: The Patient's Paramount Place: Emphasis on Empowerment, Engagement, Experience. 

Paramount Bridge Article 8.2018

Patient empowerment is a critical component for the success of health care consumerism, and it plays an important role in: Increasing Patient Cost Sharing, Migration to a Value-Oriented Marketplace, The Role of Technology in Patient Engagement, and Health Care Everywhere. Empowered patients may be more adherent to treatment, and they may contribute to an improved health care system.






June 2017: Maximizing Value in Health Care

The move to a value-oriented marketplace was one of the top 10 trends. In this update, we highlight four important areas of progress: Value in Oncology Care; Value in Reimbursement; Improving the Patient Experience; and the Emergence of Value-Based Pharmaceutical Contracting.


September 2017: The Rx Affordability Crisis

“Spending and utilization for specialty pharmaceuticals” was one of the top 10 trends, as payers and purchasers struggled to control specialty pharmacy costs and ensure the affordability of effective medications while addressing access issues. This ultimately affected two other key trends, increasing patient cost-sharing and the migration to a value-oriented health care marketplace.


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For Educators:  

Recognizing the value of this report for pharmacy education, the leadership of American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) and AMCP Foundation collaboratively developed an educational module to help faculty better educate tomorrow's pharmacists: Top Ten Emerging Health Care Trends: Implications for Patients, Providers, and Educators. The tool is designed for use by various groups, including: faculty members, curriculum committees, inter-professional groups, student pharmacy groups, strategic planning committees, academic administrators and advocacy groups. Educators are also encouraged to use the below webinars for supplementary teaching and learning.

Elements of the educational module include a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, bibliography, and supporting materials. The module also identifies opportunities for pharmacy leaders to reshape their organizations to meet ongoing challenges, and suggests ways pharmacy educators can prepare future leaders of tomorrow.

Education Module   

User Guide  

Summary of Secondary Research Findings   

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For Policy-Makers and Patients: 

 Emerging Trends White Paper Cover 

This white paper analyzes the findings in the Foundation's landmark Top 10 Emerging Health Care Trends report, with an eye on policy implications and policy challenges related to value-oriented approaches; integrated health care delivery; and population health improvement.

Ahead of the Curve: Emerging Trends Implications For Policy-Makers and Patients 







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The Pace of Change is Accelerating: Staying on Top of Emerging Trends - Widespread Use of Data and Analytics in Patient Care  

Recorded November 4, 2015 

The Pace of Change is Accelerating: Staying on Top of Emerging Trends - Migration to New Provider Payment Methods  

Recorded September 2, 2015 

The Pace of Change is Accelerating: Staying on Top of Emerging Trends - Specialty Pharmaceuticals  

Recorded August 12, 2015 

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Emerging Trends in the News: 

American Health & Drug Benefits: Ahead of the Curve 

Released July/August 2015 Vol. 8 No. 5 

American Journal of Managed Care: Preparing for 10 Trends That Will Impact Managed Care Pharmacy 

Released October 10, 2014 

PR Newswire: Top 10 Health Care Trends Report Finds Opportunities to Achieve "Triple Aim" 

Released October 9, 2014 

First Report Managed Care: Pfizer, AMCP Foundation Collaborate on Emerging Trends Assessment 

Released May 20, 2014 

Press Release: AMCP Foundation Announces Research Initiative with Pfizer Support 

Released April 4, 2014 

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