AMCP participates in a number of coalitions on behalf of managed care pharmacy.  Coalitions allow AMCP's voice to be heard on a broader range of issues.  In addition, by joining with other's and using our shared knowledge and expertise we are more efficient and effective.  Coalitions cover a broad range of issues including credentialing, quality and patient care and safety. 

Council on Credentialing in Pharmacy  

Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP):
JCPP was established to serve as a discussion forum for the CEOs and elected presidents of all major national pharmacy practitioner organizations. There are full members (AMCP, ACA, ACCP, APhA, ASCP, ASHP, and NCPA) and liaison members (AACP, ACPE, NABP, and NASPA). JCPP meets four times per annum. 

National Quality Forum  

NTOCC - National Transitions of Care Coalition  

Partnership for Safe Medicines   

PCPCC - Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative  

PQA - Pharmacy Quality Alliance   

State Biosimilars Working Group:
The State Biosimilars Working Group was formed to share information on state legislation addressing the dispensing of biosimilar and interchangeable biologic products. Members of this Group include associations representing the pharmacy profession in various capacities and including health plans and pharmacy benefit managers.

Script Your Future  

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA  

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