Public Policy Issues Toolkits

AMCP is posting resource materials in the form of public policy issue toolkits in an effort to provide Academy members with information about specific issues being considered by state legislatures and the United States Congress.  In most instances these materials present not only the Academy’s perspective on the issue but that of other interested parties whose views may be the same as or different than AMCP’s. 

In addition to the toolkits listed below, new toolkits will be added periodically as appropriate. The types of materials that may be found within a policy issue toolkit include the following: 

  • A brief description of the issue
  • Examples of legislation
  • AMCP statements on the issue
  • Materials issued by professional and trade organizations and other stakeholders
  • Studies and other materials issued by independent public policy organizations
  • State and federal governmental resource materials from both the legislative and executive branches
  • Articles from electronic and print media


Toolkits (Members Only) 


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